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Thu at 20:41
I updated it to "C"
livingcheese189 Trainer
Fri at 4:41
Thanks it worked, but spawn is all water and it wont let me leave it :sick:
Golden_Hippo Trainer
Fri at 15:53
Same here XD
Fri at 20:46
ok sorry about that. Ill fix that asap!
Fri at 20:49
There all fixed
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 2:39
My town was deleted and I can't afford to buy a new one qq
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 2:46
And....I tp'd to spawn and lost my town with all my items
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:30
hey dudes how's it been if anyone's on
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 3:31
im on but I lost most of my crap since my town got deleted
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:32
i want another restart for some reason idk when something new happens to the server i have a feeling for a restart :I
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 3:33
we're getting a new map the current map is temporary
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 3:33
which is why i need to get my stuff
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:33
oh plz yes
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sat at 3:33
but i cant get my stuff anymore
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:33
sam e
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:33
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:33
im on the server at the moment
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 3:34
and i'm lost
Golden_Hippo Trainer
Sat at 9:47
I'm new to this server so i don't know much. But from what it looks like it won't be like it is now for very long. Hopefully :sick:
Golden_Hippo Trainer
Sat at 9:48
And can you guys top living in another time zona than me. So i can play with someone :(
Sat at 21:01
Sat at 23:01
hows everyones day?
Sat at 23:05
Doing well, and yourself?
Sat at 23:06
Doing great today but my phone was takken away for a bit =/
Sat at 23:06
Instaling pixelmon atm
Sat at 23:09
That's unfortunate, let us know if you encounter any problems.
Sat at 23:14
Sat at 23:17
ill be on the server in a min
BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sun at 1:04
Bwdp, can I at least have enough money to start a town,my old town got deleted and I lost location.
Sun at 4:35
hello blaster
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