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BlasterTemplar Trainer
Sun at 7:33
will survival ever come back?
Sun at 22:21
"Ever"? Yes. Soon? Depends on how many donators we can get so Broj doesn't have to pay alone to run two servers.
Sun at 22:22
Lludeain plans to donate to keep the survival alive, but I doubt he can do it alone either.
m0rningsunshine Trainer
Sun at 23:36
y no one ever on server
Darkmask_01 Trainer
Mon at 15:07
้hi,i write a staff application forums finnis now (sorry my english is bad)
osidien Trainer
Mon at 15:33
Is the issue regarding the disappearing Averin gym leader fixed yet? A few days/week ago I went to battle that gym but he was gone. When I return, he's still not there
16 hours ago
gym leader in Averin is fixed! Thanks BW for that,
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