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Thu at 17:12
yeah sorry about that I will update today. been super busy.
Thu at 21:01
konikonr Trainer
Fri at 1:28
What's going on?
Sat at 0:00
NUKE4444 Trainer
Sat at 0:14
SmallSon Trainer
Sat at 23:30
why is the survival server offline?
SethMyers_001 Trainer
Sun at 0:54
Hey all, the last few days ive been moving into my new house, And ill continue to do so. I probably wont be on for a few more days.
SethMyers_001 Trainer
Sun at 0:54
Just until I get moved in and get my new internet turned on. :3
Doc1777 Trainer
Sun at 0:54
Ya better! :sick:
Sun at 3:11
Sun at 3:11
CaramelWither Trainer
Sun at 5:09
oh well , i'm just going to listen to cute song until server open again ^o.o^
SmallSon Trainer
Sun at 15:20
goshen123 Trainer
Sun at 20:08
konikonr Trainer
23 hours ago
whats the ip broj?
23 hours ago
not up yet
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