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shadowslimeHD Trainer
Sat at 20:25
there is'nt much on that map
Sun at 19:00
There is a lot on that map! :sick: At least in terms of memories :sick:
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 19:00
hey its swift, i couldnt find my other account so had to make a new one, is pixelmon obsidian online on technic launcher now?
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 19:03
i guess not so ima download all the files then get on to erify my char again
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 19:32
im working on coming back
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:07
the download for pixelmon isnt downloading for some reason
Tue at 20:38
Try restarting your browser
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:39
mediafire was bugged, i got it and installing it as we speak, i know my email was darkrai something just dont remember the full name
Tue at 20:40
Best of luck, let us know if there's anything we can do to help from our side.
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:50
the only thing that can help is that broj can locate the email on my old acc
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:52
whats the ip to adventure?
Tue at 20:52
"Pixelmon Adventure 3.4.0 Ip: -soon-"
Tue at 20:52
Pixelmon Survival 3.4.0 Ip:
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:52
aww i wanted to test it out
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:52
Tue at 20:53
We've had beta testing done a few times already, it's on hold for now while we work out the kinks
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 20:55
i want to be a beta tester since my return to obsidian online
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 21:00
crap i cant connect my minecraft acc on this one, its on my other one
Tue at 21:01
Are you having trouble connecting to the server with a specific account?
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 21:02
i wanna connect my minecraft acc to this one but its stuck on the old one and i dont remember the email to it TO login for it
Tue at 21:10
You can connect minecraft accounts? Or do you mean for the Enjin site?
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Tue at 21:10
i cant connect my minecraft account to this one cause its linked to my old account on enjin
Tue at 21:29
Broj, I'm going to make a temporary shop so players can get pokeballs.
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Wed at 1:52
it still wont let me connect my minecraft acc with this one, saying its unsynced, i really need to know the email of my old acc
SwiftSnivy Trainer
Wed at 1:53
btw bwdp i think the blocks they drop is for new drops or for building like cobblestone and such
SwiftSnivy Trainer
22 hours ago
oh broj, anyway to locate the full name of my email on here so i can recover it?
SwiftSnivy Trainer
18 hours ago
broj i cant view the home site anymore, its constantly telling me to link my acc which is connected to my old acc on here
SwiftSnivy Trainer
18 hours ago
anyway you can remove my old acc or tell me the email to my old account so i can try to log into that?
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